Our company supplies woodworking co-products.

Fuel pellets

Fuel Pellets

Biofuel such as pellets, increasingly competes many traditional sources of energy, successfully replacing diesel fuel, firewood, charcoal in some cases.

Pellets today are increasingly used as a source of thermal energy in automated boilers both for industrial and domestic purposes. This is explained by the fact that they are an environmentally friendly fuel, relatively inexpensive with high significant calorific value.

Fuel pellets showed many interesting properties, estimated by the consumer:

  • Convenience of storing without loss of quality and fuel efficiency;
  • High environmental friendliness and the absence of harmful components in the products of combustion;
  • Increased calorific value in comparison with wood fuel;
  • Possibility of automation and mechanization of processes loading furnace pellet boilers.

We offer pellets with the following characteristics.

EN Plus-A1

EN Plus-A1 (DIN plus) – premium wood pellets for home heating boilers, white pellets without impurities and inclusions.

Minimum ash content and nice emissivity. As a result, practically, there is no need for boiler cleaning, the equipment lasts longer. Wood pellets of DIN + standard are most commonly used by West European private consumers.

Diameter: 6 mm

Humidity: £ 10%

Ash content £ 0.5

Delivery in big-bags, polypropylene bags of 25 kg or polyethylene bags of 15 kg.

EN Plus-A2

EN Plus-A2 – premium standard quality pellets for home heating boilers, pellets of excellent quality, with high heat and low ash content. Without crust, with a barely noticeable inclusions. The ash content is slightly higher than premium pellets, but is still at a fairly low level, with low ash content, you can practically forget about cleaning the boiler. Quality guarantee and adequate cost makes these pellets very popular on the market.

Diameter: 6 mm Humidity: £ 10% Ash content £ 1.0

Delivery in big-bags, polypropylene bags of 25 kg or polyethylene bags of 15 kg.

Pallet boards

Pallet board

Our company supplies the timber for the production of pallets.

Pallet timber can be made of pine, spruce, aspen and birch.

Basic dimensions of the pallet boards:

  • 22 * 100 * 800 mm;
  • 22 * 143* 800 mm;
  • 22 * 100 * 1200 mm;
  • 22 * 120 * 1200 mm;
  • 22 * 143 * 1200 mm;
  • 78* 100 * 1200 mm;
  • 80 * 100 or 100 * 100 mm.

Quality: allowed any defects affecting mechanical strength.

Not allowed: rot, mold, holes and cracks.

The pallet boards comes fresh sawn with natural humidity or transport humidity of 18-20%.