In terms of wood structure, beech is considered to be less crumby than oak and more flexible than teak, in addition it is not inferior in strength and beauty to these two magnificent wood species. Such features provide for smooth and agreeable to the touch products for furniture and door industry, so the beech is perfectly amenable to grinding and polishing.

Beech wood is dried slightly faster than other hardwoods and the drying defects are much less. After drying, most of the features improve and beech becomes stronger than the oak and in bending it even outstrips it in shear strength and stiffness by approximately 20% and significantly in strength under impact loads. Beech wood, processed with steam, is easily bent (this feature allows creating products of various shapes and designs. The use of beech timber extends to the production of a wide range of wooden products:

  • furniture, in particular chairs;
  • step boards and platforms for staircases;
  • flooring;
  • interior articles.

Our company sells bulk beech timber. Beech is a valuable timber species and is considered to be an alternative to oak. The advantage of this timber is the best combination of quality and value.

Our main products of beech:

  • Un-edged sawn timber (fresh sawn and KD 8-10%)
  • Square-edged boards (fresh or KD 8-10%)
  • Furniture and parquet elements
  • Glulam products

Edged sawn timber (KD 8-10%)

Edged Sawn Timber

 Sizes: 30/50*100-350*1000-4000 mm.

Furniture and Parquet elements

Furniture and Parquet elements

 Sizes: 27/32/35/53*75-165*500-1500 mm.

Glulam products (solid-laminated and joint-finger)

Glulam Products

Sizes: 20/40*300-650*1000-4000 mm.

Grades: AA, АВ, ВС.

Sorting sawn timber:

  • according to European Standard EN 975-1
  • according to customer specification

We are always open to new cooperation and ready to supply sawn beech timber catering its quality and size tom the demands of the customer. Do not hesitate to contact us.