From the outset, products of birch sawn timber have been one of the most important products of  TRIDEX. Now our company increasingly sells products of birch of its own production, as well products manufactured by partner enterprises.

A large part of the birch products manufactured by TRIDEX is later used for the furniture, carpentry and flooring industries in Europe, Asia and America.

Birch sawn timber

TRIDEX delivers edged and un-edged birch sawn timber, kiln dried and fresh sawn, planed or unprocessed.

In general, each manufacturer has its own rules for sorting birch lumber. There are also international differences in quality grading. Mainly we are sorting by NHLA Standards or Nordic Timber Standards. Anyway, sorting by quality is always adjusted with each client according its specifications.

Below, our widely used quality standards of grading of birch sawn timber.

A grade

Products from this grade of sawn timber can be made enough big length, so this variety is used in the manufacture of high quality furniture and interiors. It close to Select grade by NHLA.

About third part of the boards shall be free of knots from each of the four sides. The others must have no more than one healthy knot per linear meter on the reverse side. Not allowed: core, rot, bark, color changes and other defect.

AB grade

This class of materials can be used for the production of short, clean blanks, so it’s basically used for the production of furniture, flooring and frames. It close to 1Com grade by NHLA.

Lumber can have knots or groups of knots on both sides. However, they must be at least  min 50 cm away from each other, so that about 70% of the board formed a clean blank.

BB grade

The planks of this grade have a lot healthy knots on all sides of plank. But the false core is not allowed in this grade. Not allowed: wane, core, rot, bark, color changes and other defect.This grade can be used for the furnitures production as well as frame. It close to 2Com grade by NHLA.

Frame grade

Frame grade has a higher number of knots, traditionally used in England for carcasses of sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Knots are allowed on all four sides, but no holes or other defects. The heartwood color change is allowed at all four sides, but not more than 50% of planks.

Asian Frame Grade

Lumber of Asian Frame Grade, sawn from logs of various quality, have a lot of heartwood color varieties.

Healthy knots are allowed without limitation. Color change of timber and healthy dense core are allowed on back wide face only, but not more than by 50%.

Basic dimensions for all grades:

Depth: 23, 24, 25, 32, 38, 50 mm

Width: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 mm

Length: 1.8 m-3.1 m

Main products of birch sawed timber:

  • Un-edged timber (fresh and kiln dried)
  • Square edged sawn timber (fresh and kiln dried)
  • Planed board
  • Furniture and flooring blanks (elements)
  • Finger-joints or solid laminated glued panels
  • Plywood


  • European A/B/C
  • American NHLA
  • British frame grade and other

We are always open to cooperation and ready to execute the order in accordance with the customer’s specification of quality and sorting. We expect your request!