Glued laminated timber features with all positive characteristics of unprocessed wood: environment friendliness, ability of normalizing the microclimate of the house, emission of useful substances in the air etc.

Glued timber safety has been proven – only non-toxic types of glue compositions are used in the manufacture of laminated header. They provide the optimum adherence of the wood pieces. Besides, this material corresponds to fire safety standards. The glued timber is assigned the second class of safety.

Our company supplies glued laminated timber products of oak, beech, larch, birch and pine.

Our main glued laminated timber products are window frame profile and furniture panels.

Window frame profile

Window frame profile consists of 3-layer laminated wood of radial and half-radial saw cut. Mutually perpendicular arrangement of wood fibers absorbs the tension that occurs inside the header, and is a guarantee of the preservation of the given geometric shapes during its entire service life. The details of the production of glued larch window header are supplied below.

Grade АЕ-extra, external slats of massive, radial (semi-radial) saw cut.

Grade А-prima, one external massive slat, another slat of the longitudinally glued blanks of radial (semi-radial) saw cut of 450-800 mm long.

Grade B – external slat of the longitudinally glued blanks of radial (semi-radial) saw cut.

We supply glued laminated wood window profile of larch, oak and pine.

Window frame profile

Basic dimensions:

84 x 86/116 x 600-4000 mm;

84 x 86/116 x 600-4000 mm.

Glued furniture panels

Glued furniture panels produced by gluing slats – special rectangular bars of identical size. Before gluing the slats are cleaned of all defects: blue stains, cracks, knots, etc.

Due to the high physical-technical and aesthetic characteristics of wood, as well as ease-of-use, furniture panels are very widely used in the manufacture of furniture, construction and decoration, in the production of elements of stairs. Also, the glued panels are used for the production of countertops and windowsills.

Furniture panels manufacturing techniques

The glued laminated panels are classified in respect of the manufacturing technology as follows:

  • solid-laminated;
  • finger-joint.

Solid-laminated panel is made of the entire slats and have higher performance and aesthetic qualities, its price is higher.

Glued panel is made of the longitudinally glued slats. In order to improve the durability, the slats of the glued furniture panel are placed in such a way so that the arrangement of layers in them was the opposite. This allows achieving mutual compensation of strain in the wood, and due to this it is possible to avoid deformation of the panel.

Glued furniture panels

Basic dimensions:

18/20/40*200-900*1000-4000 mm.

Grades: AA, AB, BC.

If you are interested, please contact us for the availability of the product in accordance with the required characteristics.