Oak wood was at all times considered to be the best quality category and was consistently in demand. Its tangible benefits include high durability, unique pattern beauty, as well as the ability to withstand external impacts.

Today this kind of wood is used for different purposes, but primarily it is used to produce furniture, doors, flooring and parquet board. Modern comfort buffs choose this material for a unique and noble atmosphere, that it brings into the house.

We produce edged and un-edged lumber of oak. We can supply both dry (dried in kilns) and raw lumber. We sort lumber according to the European classification of European standard EN 975-1/French standard NFB 52-001, and we can also deliver and sort oak lumber in accordance with customer’s specifications.

In addition to lumber, we are able to supply products such as glued laminated panels both joint and solid laminated, which are widely used for manufacturing of stairs, worktops, windowsills, doors, as well as glued oak beam for windows and doors.

The main products of oak:

  • Square-edged timber, different widths, dry humidity 8-10% (KD 8-10%)
    30 mm x 100-350 mm x 1000-4000 mm;
    30 mm x 100-350 mm x 1000-4000 mm;
    50 mm x 50 mm x 370-1500 mm.
  • Square-edged timber (strips cut to size), natural humidity
    30/35/53 * 100-225 * 500-2500;
    Square-edged Oak Timber
    – European standard EN 975-1 (grades: Q-FA, Q-Q-F1a, F1b, F2, Q-Q-Q-F1x F2x).
    – According to customer’s specification.
  • Un-edged timber (Boules), fresh sawn
    32/53 * 100-350 * 1000-4000 mm
  • Un-edged timber, KD, 8-10%
    30/50 * 100-350 * 1000-4000 mm
    Un-edged Oak Timber
    – European standard EN 975-1 (grades: Q-BA, Q-B1, B2, Q-Q-Q-B1x B2x).
    – According to customer’s specification.
  • Parquet component, natural humidity (fresh sawn)

    Oak Parquet
    26/30/32/38/53 x 85/105/125/150/165/175/185 x 250-1850 mm.
    Sorting: according to customer’s specification.

  • Oak beams, fresh sawn

    100 * 100, 150 * 150, 200 * 200.
    – European standard EN 975-1 (grades: Q-PA, Q-P1, Q-P2, Q-P1x, Q-P2x).
    – According to customer’s specification.

  • Glued laminated Beam
    Glued laminated Beam

    50 * 50 * 370-1050 mm.
    80*80*500-1500 mm.
    Sorting: according to the customer’s specification.

  • Glued laminated panels solid laminated and finger-joint
    Glued laminated panels solid laminated and finger-joint

    18/20/40/50 mm x 300-900 mm x 1000-2500 mm.
    Sorting: A, AB.

If you have a need for quality oak lumber, we are ready to fulfill your order according to your specifications.