The unique properties of larch are time-tested. Larch was widely used in shipbuilding or piles making. It is not accidental, that Venice stands on piles of larch. A few centuries later, they examined the piles and found out that they were petrified. Larch was widely used in the construction of other buildings and structures of past centuries. All the building elements of that time made of larch, are still preserved.

Larch is distinguished by high quality of wood, natural aesthetics and decorative qualities (texture, pattern). It is able to keep its properties without additional treatment with varnishes, lacquers and special impregnations, maintaining a natural balance.

The chemical composition of tar and Siberian larch wood has high antioxidant properties – in other words, it is capable of renewing cells. Therefore, living in the environment of larch materials means prolonging youth and imperceptibly fighting against illnesses.

Larch feels well in the permafrost regions and tolerates temperatures up to -60 degrees. Harsh conditions of growth endow sawn larch timber with high performance in the exploitation, it is super-resistant to destruction from natural factors, easily tolerates temperature and moisture changes, is not prone to decay, insects are not dangerous to it.

The hardness of wood, which is closely related to the density, usually makes it “resistant to damage.” Fewer dents and scratches mean less space for water and fungi. Siberian larch is an excellent material, which can maintain an excellent appearance and high performance for many years.

Siberian larch is in great demand in the market of wooden housing construction, low-rise construction, interior and exterior decoration of premises or rooms.

Our main products are made of Siberian larch:

  • Edged larch timber
  • Flooring larch board
  • Decking
  • Planken
  • Cladding/Clapboard
  • Larch furniture board
  • Larch beams

Edged larch timber

The edged timber made of larch is an excellent building material and also an excellent raw material for the production of a wide range of finishing materials for indoor and outdoor use.

Edged Larch Timber

Sizes: 25/32/50 * 100/125/150/175/200 * 4000-6000 mm.

Grade 0-4 in accordance with GOST 26002-83

Flooring larch board

Flooring larch board is a good solution for interior design. The boards can easily be laid with the help of a spike-groove (tongue-groove) system, leaving no gaps, easily tolerating high loads, humidity and having nice appearance.

It is worth noting the high sound- and heat-insulating properties of the flooring board made of larch. The material is not prone to deformation and can be exposed to high loads.

In addition, the massive flooring board keeps the heat well and easily resists scraping and grinding, can be easily repaired. It is also environmentally friendly, because glutinous substances are not used in the production process.

Flooring Larch Board

Sizes: 19/27/35/45 * 85-140 * 1000-6000 mm.

Grades: Extra, A, A / B, C.


This terrace larch timber has a riffled facial surface, that remains non-slippery even when wet, so it is ideal for making step boards, walkways and arranging the area around a swimming pool or a sauna.

Because of its properties, larch timber is used for making floors in the open air. Siberian larch is perfectly suitable for working in close vicinity to water due to its strength and humidity resistance.


Sizes: 19/27/35/45 * 85-140 * 1000-6000 mm.

Grades: Extra, A, A / B, C.


Planken, popularly known as the “facade plank” is one of the best materials in terms of its  properties and appearance for facing facades, paneling the interior walls of apartments, houses, villas and cottages.

Planken is processed timber with rounded corners as the distinctive feature.


Sizes: 20* 70/90/110/140* 1000-6000 mm.

Grades: Extra, A, А/B, C.


Clapboard is a great cladding material, used for both interior and exterior finishes. The eco-friendly material is ideal for finishing country houses, cottages, saunas, economic buildings. It is resistant to moisture and water, has increased insulation and breathable capabilities of natural material.

Clapboard has earned the recognition because of the easy installation, beautiful wooden texture, durability and undemanding to conditions.


Sizes: 14* 85/110/140* 1000-6000 mm.

Grades: Extra, A, А/B, C.

Larch furniture board

Larch furniture board is a perfect solution for step boards, stairways and window sills. Glued furniture boards made of solid larch wood have panel details of individual wood slats (bars, strips), glued together with a glue material, in our case it is an environmentally friendly glue based on water dispersion of PVA, a single-component with varying degrees of water resistance D3, D4, DIN EN 204.

Larch furniture is a perfect solution for steps, stairways and window sills, also used as door panels, table tops and as for decorative interior panels.

We supply both finger-joint and solid-laminated furniture timber.

Larch Furniture Board

Sizes: 18/28/40*200-1000*800-3000 mm.

Grades: Extra, А/В, B/C.

Larch beams

Timber edge beam is one of the most popular materials, used in construction. It is made of logs through the cutting and subsequent treatment of the edges.

Thanks to the excellent performance, larch and pine beams are widely used in construction.

Larch Beams

Sizes: 50/100/150/200/250* 50/100/150/200/250 * 6000 mm.

0-4 sort in accordance to GOST 26003-86.

If you failed to find the products that made you interested, we can produce and deliver customized  larch products upon your request.