We offer quality Sawn Timber that you need

Being one of the most sought after raw materials in a rapidly urbanizing world, the sawn timber supplied by us is just the kind of wood our clients are looking for. Whether you’re in the construction business or furniture industry, we’ve got customized solutions for everyone. As one of the stable timber trade wholesalers, we take pride in selling quality sawn timber to a wide array of clients from different sectors of productions.

Quality that stands the test of time

All industries today face a similar challenge – acquiring quality raw materials. This takes us back to redefining what quality essentially means to each sector. Does it mean strength? Are manufacturers looking for a great finish? Or do they look at the price alone? Our team of experts has developed our range of sawn timber products keeping all these factors in mind. Every inch of sawn timber represents strength, rigidity, and value for money. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that we’ve taken into account every major industry requirement due to our unique knowledge. Best of all, our prices are always consumer friendly.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in the industry for a long time, we’ve already contributed to many large-scale projects – so we know what you’re looking for. We appreciate working with all kinds of businesses and ready to take as small so big orders. Quality production and timely delivery are our top priorities regardless of the size of your order. If you’re interested in buying quality sawn timber at an affordable price, send us your request now and let our experts handle your requirements!