About TrideX

TRIDEX is specialized in the supplying of lumber all over the world. Our product range covers hardwood and softwood sawn timber, plywood, veneer and glued laminated timber products. Our basic positions are larch and birch lumber. We also supply beech, oak and ash lumber to the market.

We cooperate with sawmills and harvesting companies. Close cooperation with them enables us to monitor the incoming raw materials and as a consequence manufacture high quality products for our clients. We deliver our products to the manufacturers of various sectors of the wood industry. Our customers include buildings companies, manufacturers of furniture and flooring, carpenter’s workshops and trading companies.

TRIDEX believes that its wide range of products and flexible service, backed by expert support makes it the most competitive partner for your business. Instead of spending time searching for the desired products from multiple vendors, working with TRIDEX will spare you more time to the basic business processes and your customers.

We are always result-oriented, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers, and allows us growing and developing together with our customers.

Our goal is to deliver exactly what our customers need at the best price and just in time.

We’re trying to build and develop long-term relationships based on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our Products

Sawn Timber

We Provide

  • Hardwood & Softwood Lumber

    Hardwood & Softwood Lumber

    Comprehensive range of hardwood and softwood lumber, glued laminated wooden products and veneer, sorted by European and American standards, as well as customer specifications.
  • Unique knowledge about our products

    Unique knowledge about our products

    We possess unique knowledge about our products, as well as our suppliers, all of this is in the interests of our clients, who always get the right product at the right price.
  • Many years of experience

    Many years of experience

    We also care about the quality, certification and logistics operations, which are required by our clients. TRIDEX staff have years of experience in trading wood products. For this reason, we have a very well established logistics and certification agents net.
  • Extensive network of contacts

    Extensive network of contacts

    An extensive network of contacts with producers of lumber and harvesting timber companies allows us performing specific orders of our customers and to keep the quality of supply for a long time.

Our Contacts

10152, Tallinn, Vesivärava tn 50-201
+3726039264 | info@tridexwood.com